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“Where Did You Hide This?”

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ.

“Where did you hide this good news?” asked the old man, as he heard the Gospel of Jesus for the first time. He lived along the Ethiopian border, in a community where there was no witness to Christ. Now a team of disciple-makers from a Global Disciples training program had come to tell him—and his friends and neighbors—about Jesus who saves, redeems, and transforms lives.

Aman directs the discipleship-mission training program, and he described their experience in that community where many people are still waiting to hear the Gospel of Jesus. He said, “There was an old man, nearly 100 years old. We drew water for him from the nearby well, and he sat down with us and listened to the Gospel. He accepted Jesus. In the evening, he invited everyone in the neighborhood for coffee. All the villagers came. The old man got up and said, ‘I believe in Jesus, and I invite you to believe in Him too.’ And they all gave their lives to Christ!” Aman rejoiced.

The Good News of Jesus was never meant to be hidden. This man had waited nearly 100 years to hear it!  But as soon he did, he wanted everyone to hear it. The Gospel is meant to be shared. And that’s what hundreds of disciple-makers and trainers, like Aman in Ethiopia, are doing. Aman trained 15 people in the last year, from different tribes along the border, and sent them out to communities where Jesus is not known. And they have planted 15 churches and seen over a thousand people come to faith in Christ. “You may think it’s easy,” Aman said, “but it’s the work of God.”

God is multiplying disciples and churches in Ethiopia and around the world. As Global Disciples, we’re part of it as we train those who train and send out disciple-makers and church planters to least-reached people. We want to make sure no one else has to ask: Where did you hide this Good News?

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