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Make Disciples

Global Disciples trains directors/trainers in discipleship-mission, leadership and small business

Does the Global Disciples model for multiplication work? Our 20 years of experience says YES!

In the past fiscal year, we trained 537 directors and now serve 1,202 discipleship-mission, small business, and leadership programs.

Out of these programs, we saw 12,996 disciple-makers and leaders trained and sent out to plant churches in least-reached areas.

Their efforts have led to 2,037 churches planted where 45,805 new believers now worship and are being discipled.

Small business training equipped 1,340 church planters to become self-sustaining, and able to support new churches and eventually additional training programs.

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Your gift empowers the Body of Christ to reach the unreached!

Your monthly donation will enable more training opportunities to reach those with the least opportunity to hear of Jesus.