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Trusting God’s Hand

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Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.” For Kam and for a group of disciple-makers in Myanmar, following that directive has led to open doors, new churches, and transformed lives.

Kam leads a discipleship-mission training program, launched through Global Disciples with your help.

He explained how they saw the Holy Spirit do His transforming work. “Even though we went empty-handed, God helped us according to His Word. His guiding hand is sufficient for us—He inspired us through His Word. And the Holy Spirit transformed the lives of many people.”

Kam’s teams went out to villages and communities among the hill people, mostly farmers. They went house to house, and talked face to face, praying for the sick and lending a hand to orphans and widows. Many were miraculously healed. And broken families were restored.

Kam described one family as “totally broken.” He said, “We prayed for them; and we helped them ask forgiveness of each other for their faults against one another. They have renewed their relationships and now live in a sweet Christian home.”

Another husband and wife both gave their lives to Christ through this outreach, along with many more who put their faith in Jesus. “It’s not our work,” Kam said, “it is God’s work in the midst of us.”

The few Christians in this region have no pastors or elders to guide them. The occasional evangelist comes to preach the Gospel but as Kam put it “no one has been taking care of their spiritual life.”

He said, “By the power of the Holy Spirit, God transformed the lives of men and women who’d been born again but were not pursuing a life in Christ.” The disciple-makers were able to share the Word of God more deeply with them, to help nurture spiritual growth.

The disciple-makers even reached out to several local Buddhist monks. “They were interested in the Word of God,” Kam said. “So, we gave them the Holy Bible, and had good fellowship and meals with them.”

For the local church, and those Kam continues to train, the mission continues. Recently they trained and sent out ten church planters to another unreached people group.

“The Holy Spirit moved in their hearts, and they were willing to obey the Word of God, to make disciples, and to plant churches in their communities,” he said. “I hope this will really be fruitful for His glory. Blessed be the name of the Lord!”

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