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To Serve The Living God

Asia disciple maker

It’s risky, it’s hard, and it’s worth every effort to serve the Living God. Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ.

Santu grew up Muslim in South Asia. His family is still Muslim. But when he came to understand the Gospel—that Jesus Christ loved him enough to die for his sins—Santu knew he had to put his faith in this Jesus.

“I faced many challenges,” Santu said. “My father threw me out of the house while I was still a student. But I was able to stand firm in my faith.”

Four years ago, Santu heard about Global Disciples. And with the support of local church leaders, we trained him to direct a discipleship-mission program for their churches. Santu shared, “We faced many challenges, and much opposition. It’s difficult to serve the living God in our region when more than 92 percent of people are Muslim. Pray that we will be able to reach them and win them for Jesus.”

At times, they’ve contended with floods and other problems in gathering participants for training and going out to witness and plant churches. But they have seen God’s hand at work, drawing people to Himself.

Santu said, “One day, during our outreach, I saw a group gathering in front of the house. There was a small child in the home who was very sick and close to death. We told them that if they believed in Jesus, when we prayed for the child, he would live. We prayed loudly and waited for the glory of God to be revealed. And after some time the child began moving, and we continued to pray in the name of Jesus.” And soon the child was healed! And for several people there, a new life of faith in Jesus began. Praise God!

Santu is just one of many who found new life in Christ, and now work tirelessly to share the same life-changing Good News with those who are still waiting to hear it. Pray for Santu and the disciple-makers in South Asia as they risk their lives daily to fulfill the mission Jesus gave to His disciples.


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