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The Lord is There

“We have experienced the Holy Spirit’s movement and power during our outreach this year,” Chiso said, joy beaming from his face. He directs a discipleship-mission program in Malawi, and was eager to report on how God had worked in and through the young disciple-makers he trained.

Chiso said, “The Lord helped us win a lot of souls to Christ. The number of people who were born again was 713! All these people came to Christ as we went door-to-door and talked with them.” But it hasn’t stopped there!

Chiso also reported how they saw God act in an extraordinary way. One miracle involved a 10 year old boy named Steven. He had been paralyzed since birth, and it affected what he could handle in terms of food or movement. Every night he cried from stomach pain. His parents had looked for help everywhere but no doctor ever found a solution for young Steven’s problems.

When his team met Steven and his family, Chiso said, “We shared the Word of God with them, and we assured them that even though the doctors had no solution for them, God can take care of Steven. He is Jehovah Shammah—the Lord is there. He is present whenever we call to Him. I told them it’s not just about mentioning the name of Jesus or God, but your connection to Him in faith.”

They prayed for Steven then. And instantly, God touched his body and he became strong! The stomach pains left him. He was totally healed! Praise God!”

What a miracle to witness! And it also opened the door for more people to put their faith in Christ.

Since then, this disciple-making team has planted three new and growing churches, and many are being discipled. Chiso said, “We praise the Lord for the multiplication of disciples!”

So do we—we want to people to be touched by the power of God, to see lives transformed by Christ, to see churches planted, and to see disciples of Jesus multiply in Malawi and around the world!

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