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The Joy of Mission

“I thank God for calling us to do missions,” Moses began. “My heart is filled with joy for the work God has used us to do.”

Moses directs a discipleship-mission training program in Democratic Republic of Congo—or DRC. He recently shared some of his story with other directors and leaders at a Global Disciples gathering. Like many of those directors, he has faced difficult challenges in conducting the training and the outreach. Years of civil war and conflict have left DRC’s economy in shambles. Infrastructure, highways, power—all things we take for granted—are either minimal or non-existent. They use the Congo River and other waterways to travel long and often dangerous distances.

Yet Moses and his fellow directors persevere. And as Global Disciples, it’s our privilege to come alongside and help them fulfill the vision and mission God’s entrusted to them. Moses said, “Working together with Global Disciples, God helped us plant many new churches. And they now work to reach other tribes and peoples.”

He gave the example of their outreach to one village where about 45 people came to faith in Christ, and started a new fellowship. It became a base for the disciple-makers he trains to continue reaching into the surrounding communities.

Moses is an advocate for our Global Disciples small business training. He said, “With our small business training we have opened a little shop in our village that helps support the ministry. And it gives us an opportunity to interact with people. We’ve also invested in a boat that we use for travel up and down the river for our outreach, and we generate some income as well.”

Other ventures—like a tailoring shop and a library—are contributing to both support the training program and to give them more opportunities to share the Gospel.

Despite the hardships and challenges, Moses knows the joy of mission as he carries on equipping a new wave of disciple-making church planters to share the Good News of Jesus.

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