A Thank You - 1Day Campaign - Global Disciples Canada

A Thank You – 1Day Campaign

1Day to reach our world

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 1Day campaign and helped to make it a success!

1Day provided the opportunity to give a days’ earnings toward reaching unreached people groups with the gospel through Global Disciples.

One donor commented,

“We thought that your wage-for-a day campaign is a nifty consideration and we truly believe in reaching the unreached. While [our donation] is way more than our fixed-income daily stipend, the cause, as reported on Mission Network News caught our attention and it was time to make a good donation.”

Your gift empowers fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to make a difference in their community and helps fund training to reach the 2 billion people who have never heard the story of Jesus.

We are excited to see people across Canada catch the vision that “all people would have an opportunity to choose and follow Jesus”. It is our prayer that Global Disciples would continue to play a significant role in bringing the good news of the gospel to every people group.

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Your gift empowers the Body of Christ to reach the unreached!

Your monthly donation will enable more training opportunities to reach those with the least opportunity to hear of Jesus.