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Starting at Home

What if reaching the unreached starts with your family? That’s often the case. A person comes to faith in Christ and he or she may be the only person in their family or community, who now belongs to Jesus.

Sadiq is experiencing this. He participated in a discipleship training in South Asia last year. He said, “I am really blessed by this training, and encouraged so much to share about Jesus Christ with my family. I am from a Muslim family—with parents and two brothers. They have not come to the Lord, but I am sharing with them about Jesus Christ.”

When the training program went on outreach, Sadiq went to his own village, talking about Jesus with his friends and neighbors. He said, “I told them how Jesus Christ changed my life. I shared my testimony with many people, and finally four of my friends put their faith in Jesus Christ.”

While he’s still waiting for his family to make the same decision, Sadiq is committed to sharing the Good News. He says, “I want to see all the village to come to know the Lord in the next five years!”

Mehda and his wife took part in the same discipleship training. They are new believers—and the only Christians in their families. Mehda said, “This training helped me to know more about Jesus Christ, and to develop intimacy with God.”

And outreach was significant to Mehda and his wife as well. “We visited door to door and shared the Good News,” he said, “We made many friendships and three people accepted Jesus Christ.” They did not neglect their own family—Mehda’s parents and two sisters also live in the village and heard their testimony. However they haven’t made a decision to follow Jesus yet.

Mehda is not discouraged, and like Sadiq, he is committed to sharing the Gospel among his relatives and the people in his village.

Sometimes, our greatest opportunities for missions are right in our own home or neighborhood!

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