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Seeing Lives Change

A life changed by God. What does it look like?

In some cases, it’s radical and visible: The addict is freed, the broken marriage restored. In others, it’s more internal: Anger turns to compassion. Shame disappears as a person finds their hope and worth in Christ.

Alain reflected on how he’s seen people transformed, as he trains believers to make disciples through the Global Disciples partner program he directs in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Alain said, “We had two medical doctors participate in the discipleship training. One told me that in all of his studies, he had never tried to evangelize another person. Now, he feels a burning flame to share the Gospel with everyone he meets! Walking to work one day he passed a tailor’s workshop. He felt the Spirit telling him to go in and share the Gospel. So he did—and the women who worked there gave their lives to Jesus!”

For this doctor, change came as he found he could share the Gospel. And he discovered thrill of listening to the Spirit’s prompting and seeing people find new spiritual life. He now “works relentlessly for the Lord,” Alain said.

Another example of lives changed came when Alain and his disciples went to a community for outreach. They met two young single mothers. They both had some church background, but they carried lots of guilt and shame in their lives. The women felt like outsiders, rejected by others.

But as the disciple-makers talked with them about Jesus, about His forgiveness and compassion, they opened their hearts to the Gospel. And both women found hope and healing. They were restored to the Lord, and to fellowship in the Body of Christ.

Radical change or simply a renewed sense of mission, the loss of shame, the joy of restoration—all these are ways the Holy Spirit transforms people inside and out.

And He gives us the privilege of being part of what He’s doing as we help to train people like Alain is to share the Good News of Jesus with people waiting to hear it.

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