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Recipe for Radical Transformation

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ.

When a person puts their faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour, their life is changed for eternity. However, their life is also changed for today. The Holy Spirit begins the transforming work immediately in making the new believer a “new creation.”

Sometimes that transformation radically affects a person’s physical life. In a recent testimony, a training director in Kenya shared this story. As the disciple-makers he trained were visiting a community, sharing the Gospel, and praying for those they met, they encountered a woman who, a he said, “had a problem with madness”—the people thought she was insane—“and as they prayed for her, the Lord delivered her! She came back to her senses.” With her new life in Christ, she is now able to go to the market, do her own shopping, and talk to people soberly. She was transformed by the Holy Spirit – not only in her soul and spirit, but in her mind and how she lives each day.

We also see the transforming work of Christ changing the actions, the habits, and the direction of a person’s life. This same Kenyan director told of meeting a young man named Tom. He said, “We had witnessed to this young man and he accepted Jesus as his Saviour. We came to learn later that Tom is an addict and a drug dealer. He had fled from his home and was living with an older woman who was not his wife.”

But now, he has chosen to no longer use, sell or deal drugs. He stopped seeing the older woman and has returned to live with his parents. He’s even responsible now to care for his father’s cattle and goats. “What a mighty God we serve!” the director declared.

Jesus is in the business of changing lives – for today and for eternity. As Global Disciples, we believe every person should have the opportunity to hear the life-changing Good News of Jesus. And we want to continue multiplying men and women who will share this message with those who want to hear it in some of the most difficult and Gospel-deprived areas of the world.

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