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Ready and Eager!

The Great Commission - Discipleship in Vietnam

We can offer a way to train disciple-makers and church planters in places like South Asia. But are they really ready to go? The answer is clear, as you’ll read in the transcript of this week’s Global Story…

GALEN: Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

I want to pick up today in a conversation with brother Philip. Philip is our South Asia Director with Global Disciples, working with our facilitators. And he also gives leadership to many of the directors trainings, and development of our training model in India and about a half-dozen Asian nations.

Philip, as Global Disciples, we meet a specific need by providing a training model that enables local churches to equip and train their own people for discipleship training and church planting. And to give them a means of support through small business.  Meeting that need means we get a lot of invitations to bring our training to many churches. Do these churches have people who are ready and eager to go and share the Gospel?

PHILIP: Oh yes, in Vietnam we had this training of small business development for 15 church planters. The church association leader, during the lunch-time, he said, “Oh, I didn’t get this in the beginning; I didn’t know what you were teaching.” He attended the whole course and then he said, “Next time when you come, I want to bring a thousand church planters and I want you to train all these people.”

We were looking at each other and laughing, because we want to give [training to] 15 at one time. But we see the excitement of that mission leader and see how this is going to work in that country as a vehicle to take the Gospel to those people who never hear the Gospel.

GALEN: But those thousand can be trained, because the pattern of Global Disciples is to equip trainers who will train them.


GALEN: Locally.

PHILIP: Yes.       

GALEN: Local training is the key to our strategy. And it’s training that can be reproduced at every level. We train the trainers. So it multiplies. Those 15 trained in Vietnam are the key to training the thousand mentioned by that church leader! It’s exciting to hear, brother Philip. And that story of multiplication is going on every day, in 45 countries, as Global Disciples assists the local Body of Christ to train and equip church planters, disciple-makers, leaders and yes, small business people who will fulfill the Great Commission.

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