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In First Peter 3, verse 15, Peter tells us to “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have. But to do it with gentleness and respect…”

The disciple-makers and church planters sent out through our partner training programs are often telling us about being asked questions like this: Why are you here? What’s the message you bring? Who is Jesus? And how they answer those often opens the door to sharing the Gospel.

Mita leads a discipleship-mission training program in Northeast India. He’s trained and sent out 154 disciple-makers in the last 8 years. And 20 of them are now fully engaged as evangelists and actively planting churches.

And Mita knows something about giving an answer for the hope he has. He said, “In one village where we went to share the Gospel, a man came to our disciple-makers with a gun and a knife! He challenged us and wanted to know what we were teaching. Then he asked, ‘Who’s the leader here?’” Remember, this is a man armed with a knife and a gun!

Obviously, Mita didn’t know how this conversation would go, but he talked with the man. And in gentleness and respect—as the Apostle Peter encouraged—Mita shared that they had come to give him good news. To tell him about Jesus the Savior who died to set him free from sin, and bring peace and hope and healing to his life.

Surprised, the gunman told Mita, “I never heard that kind of message. Why don’t you come and share it with the whole village?” Mita and his team were happy to answer that question and it opened the door to freely talk about Jesus in that community! And Mita reported, “We have seen many miracles here.”

Your circumstances may be different, but like Mita, God wants you to answer an important question for someone, to share the hope you’ve found in Jesus Christ.

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