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Prayer That Saves

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Imagine you’re a Christian living in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has been considered one of Africa’s more peaceful countries, but recent tribal unrest and violence has resulted in a national state of emergency for the next 6+ months. You gather regularly with your local group of churches in prayer, who share a burning passion to bring the Gospel to unreached people groups around you. While praying, you feel the Spirit’s prompting to pray for protection from the surrounding violence and corruption. And then shortly after, you realize those prayers may have literally saved your life.

Turns out this was a recent testimony from one of our program directors. Here are his words:

“As the family of Global Disciples, we keep in touch through fasting and prayer. While we were praying, we had special guidance of the Holy Spirit, who led us to pray for the current circumstances in Ethiopia. The Holy Spirit poured out on every participant, and each of us raised our hands to God. We asked for His intervention, mercy, peace, and love.

Amazingly, after we finished, a terrorist group surrounded our town to burn it and began to throw stones on the roof of our building. However, since we prayed for the mercy of God to cover our town, the attack was not successful. The people in our town kept their common peace and friendship by guarding against the terrorists. Praise God for all of this!”

And that we will. Praise God that through prayer, He prepares us for the battle. He goes before us and will never for a second leave our side. He is our help and our shield (Psalm 33:20). His love surrounds us, protecting us from the enemy and pushing back the darkness!

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