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Prayer is the Key

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In places where government or religious systems restrict Christian witness, discipleship training and outreach must stay under the radar. Many Christians sacrifice their lives every day for the sake of the spiritually dark communities and villages surrounding them. It takes access. It takes discretion. And it takes prayer. The good news is, when we’re thrown setbacks, all we need is one faithful “yes” from God. We’ve seen firsthand how prayer is the key to entering restricted places and how God orchestrates situations for those who follow Jesus to bring the Gospel behind closed doors.

One testimony of God’s favour and faithfulness, comes from a leader who prayed for 20 years for open doors to train disciples in a restricted country. After 60 new fellowships were planted, he was banned for a long period; his frequent visits had raised suspicion.

This leader wasn’t going to allow the ban to stop the work the Lord had called him to. Once he decided to try and enter the country again, he asked his prayer team to pray for God to blind the eyes of the officers and confuse their hearts and minds. They were shocked by this prayer request; usually they pray for God to OPEN blinded eyes. He claimed the promises of the Lord in Joshua 1:3-9, and prayed that the Lord would re-open the door for him to minister.

From the moment he arrived at immigration, he was in awe of the Lord’s favour. A travel agent picked him from a larger-than-usual crowd of tourists, and the officers accepted a different form of identification than what was on file. He shared how his heart was racing, and how he fought back the fear of getting banned from this country forever. But finally, his permit for entry was miraculously granted!

He wrote, “The God who heals or opens the eyes of the blind, the God who gives clarity to one’s mind and heart, and the God who gives good memory to man can also blind the eyes and confuse the heart of a person for the extension of His Kingdom. Our God is a God who hears our cry and hears our prayer needs. God truly revealed to me His greatness and power. I shared this testimony and spoke of God’s faithfulness with the leaders and believers there, and as they listened, they were inspired and blessed.”

With joy in his heart and as a testimony of God’s faithfulness, he wanted to share this for our continued prayer support. Those on the front lines attribute results like these to the “global effort” of prayer and support. They’re so encouraged that we care enough to pray. Thank you for doing your part!

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