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Overcoming Obstacles

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Reuben is a Nigerian pastor with a vision to take the Gospel to an area of his country where the Good News of Jesus was previously unknown. He works closely with the first Global Disciples training program in the region, leading outreach, and exploring new communities where the name of Jesus needs to be shared.

One trip was remarkable in showing how God provides when we ask.

After traveling several hours by motorcycle, Reuben and others of his team arrived at a village to meet their contact.

“He was happy to see us,” Reuben reported, “But we couldn’t talk much. Communication was a struggle. He took us to a big compound with several families who were also happy to see us—the children, young men and women, and the elderly took time to greet us. But we had a problem with the language.

“Here was a group of individuals, ripe for God’s Word, and here we were, without good knowledge of their language! I believed strongly that God had a better plan. Having led us this far, He would help us.”

Pastor Reuben was confident they were there to share the Gospel. “I prayed, ‘God, these people must hear the Gospel of your redeeming love. You alone know how to bring this to pass.’”

He also noticed these families were preparing to go to the market, a long walk away. And he felt the Spirit nudging him to follow them. So, he got back on the motorcycle and off to market they went. “One of my team members asked why we would go that distance. I simply said I was following a lead from the Holy Spirit.”

As they reached the market in early evening, Reuben asked God to show him the next step. He looked up—and saw a familiar face! “I shouted out his name, ‘Simon!’ And we hugged, shouted, and greeted each other. Simon was in the last discipleship training we held. He is also part of this tribe…so he has mastery of their language!”

Right in the middle of a busy marketplace, God answered Reuben’ prayer by providing a trained disciple-maker who knew the language of those they were seeking to reach!

Simon travelled back to the village with Reuben that evening. They prayed with the families before bedtime and had an opportunity to share the Gospel.

“Simon is well-known in the community. He became our voice,” Reuben wrote. “And nine out of the 10 adults present raised their hands in surrender to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! We were filled with joy!”

When they finally went to bed, on mats spread on wood, “the joy in our hearts pillowed our skins and gave us a good night’s rest.”

They held their first fellowship or service in the morning with 14 adults and 10 children. And plans are underway to build a worship center for the new church. “We are grateful to God who leads us in His own way,” Reuben shared. “God went ahead of us. We had a fact-finding trip at heart, but God had a people ready!”

With Pastor Reuben, we rejoice in what God has started in this region of Nigeria. And how He is using Global Disciples to prepare disciple-makers and church planters to multiply the Body of Christ among least-reached people.

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