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Now We Know We Can!

“We thank God for the work He is doing through our discipleship-mission training,” Mukisa wrote from Uganda where he leads one of Global Disciples’ partner programs. He was excited to report on what he’s seen God do through the first disciple-makers they trained and sent out.

For the outreach part of the training, the nine disciple-makers went in several directions. Mukisa took three with him. He said, “The Lord led us to do outreach among an unreached people group over the border in Tanzania. In that place they are mostly Muslim.”

While Mukisa and his team followed the Lord’s direction, they had a small problem. When they reached their destination they had no place to stay!

Within the context, visitors usually stay with someone they know—even if it’s only a vague connection. But they knew no one! So Mukisa found a guest house for a few nights but they didn’t have money to pay for rooms for an extended stay.

“We believed God would provide,” he said. “The second day as we went to witness about Jesus to people in the community, we met a woman who raised chickens. She was upset because a wild cat was disturbing and eating her chickens.”

Mukisa and his disciple-makers prayed with the woman, asking God to help her and take care of the problem. Within a short time, the wild cat was gone! The chickens were left in peace. And grateful for God’s help, the woman helped the outreach team with support and provided a place for them to stay.

And God blessed their evangelism—they saw over thirty people came to faith in Jesus Christ in that little Muslim village!

Mukisa rejoiced, “God has saved them. And now our church understands the need to reach unreached people. Before, it was outside our thinking but now we know we can do it! And we will continue!”

We rejoice with Mukisa—to see these disciple-makers and this church in Uganda embrace the mission to reach the least-reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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