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No Pit Too Deep

No Pit Too Deep

Corrie ten Boom once said, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.”

I’m reminded of that from time to time as I hear stories that come in from our Global Disciples training partners around the world.

People who don’t know Jesus, who have never had an opportunity to hear the Gospel and find the hope and life He offers…well, they often live in very deep, dark spiritual pits. Yet they’re not beyond God’s reach.

A short testimony recently came from a discipleship-training program in Democratic Republic of Congo. Luc, the director, share what God did when their disciple-makers went on outreach. “After winning many souls to Christ,” he wrote, “our church planters entered the jail. They met Mr S who was the leader of a crime gang.”

According to Luc, these were no small-time petty thieves, but a gang notorious for violence and criminal activity. Mr S was their chief—he was in jail because he’d been arrested for rape. Two of his right-hand men had come to visit him that day. Then in came these newly-trained disciple-makers.

God gave the disciple-makers grace in the eyes of these notorious criminals, and the three men all heard the message of the Gospel that day.

Not only that, but each one of them received Jesus Christ as his Savior!

Mr S., the gang leader, testified about his life—his journey into crime, confessing his sins and all the terrible things he had done. It was a long story to tell, but he praised God for saving him, for reaching into his dark pit of sin and pulling him out with the love and salvation of Jesus. What a story of redemption that took place in the jail that day!

Corrie was right—God’s love is deeper than any pit we fall in or make for ourselves out of our sin and rebellion. His reach is long, and His arm is strong to save each person who calls on His name. And He calls us to share that message with anyone we meet, wherever we are today.

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