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No Longer a Crazy Idea

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“The people in my church laughed at me when I told them what I believed God was calling us to do. They told me, ‘Pastor, we have a hard time to pay even your salary. We don’t have enough money to train and send out church planters.'”

The Nepali pastor and program director explained that the few churches he managed to plant over 20 years are filled with ordinary people. They don’t have well-paying jobs or much education; many are not even literate. They experience God’s provision day-to-day, just as he does.

With a huge smile and tears in his eyes, he said, “In the last two years, using the Global Disciples way, we have trained and sent out 26 disciple-makers and church planters and started 12 healthy, growing new churches. God is so faithful. Nobody thinks it’s a crazy idea anymore.”

The leaders of these newly-planted churches come out of the original congregations. They have each received Global Disciples Small Business Training. And most now have a little family business to support their family and ministry. The director added, “They are happy, still being trained, and growing to be good leaders.”

His story is one of hundreds from clusters of churches that are now doing what they once didn’t think was possible. As Global Disciples surpasses 1,000 training programs around the world, it’s thrilling for us to be helping bold, Kingdom-building visions become reality!

What a joy to see lives and families being transformed through Jesus among people that had previously never heard the Gospel. And it’s through your prayers and generosity-and the courageous faith of these leaders from many nations-that their dreams and ours are becoming reality.

Be encouraged and please keep praying – God’s Kingdom is coming and His will is being done among least-reached people.

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