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Miracles Are Opening Doors

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A miracle of healing may be God’s act of compassion for a person in need. It may also be something He uses to open the door to the Good News of Jesus.

As Global Disciples trains and equips believers to be disciple-makers and church planters, we hear remarkable stories about the way God opens doors, drawing people to Jesus, and multiplying the Church. One method God uses over and over is the miracle of healing.

A recent report from a training director in India reflects that divine strategy. Pastor Dhevan took his team of disciple-makers on the outreach portion of their discipleship-mission training.

He said, “In one village we were going door-to-door preaching, and we met a Hindu man suffering from mouth cancer. We gathered to pray for the man, and then with faith asked them to go for tests again. The next day, when they went for testing, it was normal! They were astonished and came back to us. We praise God for His miracle in the man’s life. The family came to Christ, and now we’re starting a fellowship in that place.”

In another community, they met a woman who was suffering terribly with strange symptoms and the doctors had no idea was what wrong. The disciple-makers prayed for her for a long time; and continued praying even when they moved on. When they returned later, God had healed her completely. Another testimony to God’s power!

Dhevan and his team also prayed for a woman who’d been possessed by a demon for 13 years. Every time the demonic power took over, her behavior became radically abnormal and self-destructive. When they prayed for her, at first she lost consciousness. But before long, she was back to normal, completely healed. And God opened yet one more door to start a new fellowship in that community, through her!

Over and over again, we see the power of God touch and heal those in need. Not just to give them a better life, but to open the door to eternal life—for them, for their family, for entire communities and people groups. What amazing work our God does!

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