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Life Change for Leaders

A good leader is always a work in progress. See how Global Disciples is helping leaders grow and develop as reflections of Jesus Christ, in today’s Global Story.

As the Body of Christ multiplies around the world, the need for Christ-like leaders multiplies too. So equipping leaders to be more effective in their ministry is part of what we do as Global Disciples. We love to hear how God goes to work in the lives of the leaders we train.

A recent report from India shared two examples. One participant, Brother Kumar, is a college lecturer. His wife is also a teacher and they explained that the leadership training helped them grow in all areas of life, especially in being a godly role model for their students. They are sharing much of what they learned with their students and it’s impacting their lives. Kumar also mentioned that through the lesson on Intimacy with Jesus, his burden for lost souls—those still without Jesus—has increased. And he’s seeking ways to share the Gospel with those he meets.

Another participant in the same training program is a local village teacher. He was so inspired that he decided to invite the program leaders and supporting churches to come to his village. As a teacher, he has good relationships with his students and their families. That opened doors to conduct a public open air meeting where the Gospel was freely shared in the community.

“We praise God for the new souls coming to Christ,” wrote the training director. “And we are planning to start a new fellowship in that place.”

Christ-like Leaders

New growth, open doors, and life on life impact—these are just a few reasons we believe in the value of training Christ-like leaders. It’s part of multiplying the Body of Christ and strengthening it for future growth. Leaders who lead by example, under the guidance and the power of the Holy Spirit, are essential for any movement in the Body of Christ…whether in India or anywhere else in the world.

As Global Disciples, we’re privileged to be part of training up the next generation of influential leaders in the global Body of Christ.

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