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Leading People to Freedom

Kintu Uganda disciple-maker

Remember Moses? The man God called to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt?

Well, God is still calling men and women to serve as Moses did. To lead people out of bondage to sin, and addiction, and evil spirits, and false religions.

Kintu is a modern-day Moses in Uganda. While he’s not leading a nation, or a movement of people, God is using him to help others find freedom in Christ. 

It all began last year when Kintu participated in a discipleship-mission training through a local church cluster in partnership with Global Disciples. For his outreach, Kintu went to a specific district to share the Gospel.

In that community, a local man has declared himself as god and king—just as the ancient Pharoahs did. He controls people—they worship him and believe all that he says, trying to please him as their only hope. Sadly, it’s made life miserable; they don’t work, and drunkenness and ignorance hold them in bondage.

When Kintu arrived, he met Otem who was caught up in this mess. Otem was an alcoholic; he didn’t take care of himself; he was always dirty and foul.

Yet, Kintu saw a man in bondage who needed to be set free by Jesus, the true God and King.

Kintu took the lessons and skills he’d gained from the Global Disciple training and began to share the Gospel with Otem.

Otem said, “No, just buy me a liter of alcohol and I will be saved.”

Kintu refused his request but he didn’t give up on this man.

Over and over Kintu shared the message of Jesus, that He’s the One to be worshiped and served. Otem resisted but he was drawn to his new friend and his message, until one day he finally accepted Jesus as His Savior.

Today, Otem is a strong, committed follower of Jesus, and actively seeking to serve in the new local church they planted.

Like Moses, Kintu led someone out of bondage and into a new life of freedom in Christ.

Is God asking you to be a Moses to someone today? Then be faithful to your mission—it could change a life.

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