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Even influential, high-ranking leaders can do with some leadership training. See how this influence has a ripple-effect, in the latest Global Story

As Global Disciples, we want to see God raise up leaders who reflect the character and example of Jesus Christ, and serve the churches multiplying among least-reached peoples. While it often means training those with gifts, leadership skills, and even experience in the church – occasionally God takes someone from the top!

Elim directs a leadership training program in Kenya, connected with Global Disciples. Several local churches were hosting the training sessions, and Elim was teaching one day on leadership and the family.

Everything went well, and at the end of the session, the host pastor introduced several visitors who had attended. Elim was surprised to learn that the chief and two village elders had been among his students. These are men of great influence in their community and how they respond to the Good News of Jesus or the work of the church, often sets the tone for how others view disciples of Jesus Christ.

On this day, the chief explained he had heard about the leadership training and its impact on several who participated, so he and his elders decided to check it out. He confessed that the lesson of the day – on the family – had touched him and he would make every effort to give the training his support. He even promised to come along to the church, and enroll in the leadership training!

Elim checked in with the local pastor later. And yes, the chief had done as he promised. He’s become a faithful part of the local fellowship of believers. And he’s become an ambassador for the leadership training – telling other chiefs and elders in his region that they need to support and take this training!

Only God knows what the long-term impact will be, but He is clearly moving in the heart of this Kenyan chief. And We continue to rejoice – and to pray that others, like this chief, will find salvation in Jesus Christ and see Him as their model of a true leader.

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