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When Jesus Saves Your Life

Jesus saved my life

When Lalita opened the door that day, she had no idea that Jesus was about to change her life.

A young woman in central India, Lalita was at home when Pastor Paul and several disciple-makers came to her door. They were in her community to share the Good News of Jesus during their outreach with a discipleship training program Paul leads, in partnership with Global Disciples.

When Pastor Paul told Lalita about Jesus Christ and His love for her, she began to cry, “I don’t believe in love anymore.”

She explained that she had been in a relationship with a young man for several years but he had recently left her to marry someone else. Then she told Paul, “Today, I was planning to kill myself.”

Using his own testimony, Paul helped her understand the love God had for her, and that because of that love, Jesus sacrificed His own life so that she could experience new life and His love forever. Her family also joined the conversation, eager to hear this Good News. Paul and his team prayed for them in the name of Jesus, and before they left, Lalita said, “I won’t commit suicide now.”

The following day, the family called Paul. “We have thrown away our all our idols! Please come and pray with us again; we want to live a new life in Jesus Christ,” they told him. “I was surprised,” Pastor Paul said. “I believe the Holy Spirit convinced their hearts to accept the truth, so I went back and prayed with them. All five accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.”

Now a small church meets in their home; two other families have joined them, and every Wednesday Pastor Paul joins them for prayer. And Vikram, Lalita’s younger brother, has committed his life to serve the Lord, and he attends a Bible college.

When Lalita opened her door that day, she opened it to new life and love in Jesus Christ for herself, her family, and for others in her community.

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