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In the Potter’s Hands

In the Potter's Hands

Linda is a wonderfully talented potter, with a big heart for missions and evangelism. She’s also a good friend to me and to Global Disciples. She’s always intrigued by the stories of how God is working among least-reached people through Global Disciples.

Linda read about the Small Business trainings held around the world so that disciples and church planters can be financially self-sustainable as they witness to those who have not yet had the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

As we talked one day, I shared with Linda that at these Small Business trainings, each participant is asked, “What is in your hand?”

That question resonated with her. “I’ve been thinking about the talent, skills, and resources that I have in my hands,” Linda said. “Every day my hands work with the clay, I wonder how can I use this to make a difference for Christ with those who are least-reached around the world?”

Then Linda received a divine answer to her question and came by to tell me about it. Her idea was to design two special limited addition coffee mugs to sell. She would make 40 mugs and give the profits from the sales to Global Disciples to train disciple-makers.

She used her social media pages to advertise when and where the mugs would be available, hoping to sell them all before Christmas. But God stepped in and all 40 mugs were sold within 24 hours!

Linda was surprised but not shocked. God had planted the idea; she had been obedient with her time, talent, and resources; and God did the rest!

What’s in your hand? What talent or resource do you have that God may call you to use in building His Kingdom? Linda was faithful to God’s call to give from what she had, and He multiplied it four-fold.

–Julie Stratton, US Partner Relations

You can see more of Linda Renee’s Pottery at

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