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Obedient disciples in small business recognize opportunities for expansion as growth for the Heavenly Kingdom. We are not to boast in our worldly achievements, but instead use these gifts to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Heng, the protagonist of today’s story, says, “To have a business that takes off but lose sight of the call to make disciples would be to quickly lose the whole reason you have sacrificed to be there and begin the business in the first place.” As an obedient disciple-maker, Heng remained faithful to his vision for furthering the Kingdom of God, even in the midst of persecution and heartbreak.

An eager Christian, with a heart for sharing the Good News, Heng felt led to start a small business and travel into a restricted country to share the love of Jesus with unreached people groups. However, upon telling his father these plans, he was met with disapproval. “You are worthless,” his father yelled, and slapped him in the face.

Unfazed by rejection, Heng attended a Global Disciples small business training to formulate a plan. At the training, Heng recognized his passion and love for music as a God-given business opportunity. He opened a music store, to support both his family and his ministry, and began selling instruments, music, supplies, and lessons. In addition to his store, Heng began promoting Christian bands in the area.

Next, God showed Heng his natural leadership skills, and he began to employ others to help minister through business. He now has a team of 35 members, and his music stores are found in 14 different cities. God is using each of his employees to develop their own ministries and start their own churches in these new areas.

Heng was asked by Global Disciples to teach a small business training in his area. He attended, but just before he was scheduled to speak, he received word that an electrical fire had destroyed his music store. Heng’s immediate response was, “I wonder what the Heavenly Father is going to teach us through this?” After a short pause, he added, “And I wonder what opportunities for witness will come as a result?” He then walked to the front of the class, and began to teach.

Amidst the many trials that accompanied Heng’s ministry, he remained focused on his responsibility to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. He avoided the strong temptation to claim the material success of his business as his own, and an even stronger temptation to abort his ministry in the midst of heartbreak. Heng understood that his music business was not his own, but the property of the all-powerful, all-knowing God we serve. His success was a product of his perseverance and strength, and his perseverance and strength was a product of his faith.

What are the Lord’s plans for your business or ministry? How can you remain faithful to this vision?

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