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Faithful to be Fruitful

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ.

I’m inspired by the stories of people like Sugan—who faithfully proclaim Jesus Christ despite personal difficulty and heavy opposition.

At age 11, Sugan left his home in a remote area of Nepal and followed migrants to India, where he worked as a shepherd and picked up a 9th grade education. He also heard about Jesus, and placed his faith in Christ. He was able to study pharmacy and got married. But God reminded him of the spiritual needs in his homeland. So he began praying, and his family agreed to go back to Nepal, even if it mean suffering for Christ.

But ministry in Nepal was a struggle. His tribal people practiced Buddhism and opposed his message. His Indian wife had difficulty with the culture and people, so she returned to India. Sugan was alone and discouraged, with only 2 new believers out of 140 families. Then the director of a Global Disciples training program invited him to a training.

During training, God inspired him with a plan: Visit and pray for each family in the village. And use your pharmacy skills. So Sugan opened a small pharmacy, and began to pray and visit each family. Soon his extended family believed in Jesus. Then a military official came to Christ…and another family, and the fellowship slowly grew. And his wife returned from India.

The difficulties didn’t disappear. Several times villagers beat Sugan, or humiliated him publicly by hanging old shoes and sandals around his neck. He saw it as an honor for the sake of Christ, relying on God’s strength to keep praying and helping the sick—including a local woman who practiced witchcraft. Sugan often visited and prayed for her. When she placed her faith in Jesus, she was healed. Soon her husband believed and others followed. Within a year, Sugan baptized 13 new believers, and sent 2 young people to take discipleship-training too!

While the opposition continues, Sugan’s vision burns brightly. He wants to plant new churches in every village in his region. And God is blessing his faithfulness with fruitfulness.

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