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Empowering Churches in Sri Lanka

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Teaching and training that transforms lives, churches, and communities – in Sri Lanka.

This week’s Global Story features a conversation between Galen and Philip, Asia Director for Global Disciples.

GALEN:   Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

I’m talking again with Brother Philip, the Asia Director for Global Disciples. He gives leadership to our staff and works closely with the many training directors and programs in the region. Global Disciples is now involved in 10 Asian countries.

One of the new additions is Sri Lanka. Philip, you were recently in Sri Lanka – tell us what’s happening there…

PHILIP:   We just had the openings and then we trained these 3 directors who came from different parts of the country. And we went to help that brother who is starting the first discipleship program. And after a few days of teaching, he came to me and said, “We are in the mission field for 2, 3 decades” – and he is the head of that organization – and he said, “I really liked if I know these things when I started the ministry, my work would have been multiplied very fast, and the way in which the transformation happened.”

Some of the people who are there in the, in the discipleship training, they were in seminary for 3 years and then they said, “If we got this teaching those days, our life would have been transformed.” So the way in which that country, or the transformation is taking place there is really exciting me.

And also, the desire to go to the new places. He has already planned to take the disciples to new places where the Gospel is never preached before. 

GALEN:  When new opportunities come up – like they did in Sri Lanka – we have a lot of work to do. Explain how we decide what churches we work with.

PHILIP:    Well, we know that the Gospel is bringing the change, but the transformation is happening no matter what denomination or things like that, the Gospel is bringing the transformation and all the churches where they have the, what we call the Great Commission mentality of taking the Gospel to the people who never heard the Gospel. It is on that that we work with; we see whether you have the vision to take the Gospel [to those] who are waiting to hear the Gospel and we work with the churches.  

GALEN:       And that’s really our focus as Global Disciples: Empowering local churches to go to where people are unreached with the Gospel, many who’ve never had the opportunity to be engaged with the Good News of Jesus. Thank you, Brother Philip.

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