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Doing as Jesus Did

Follow Jesus in Discipleship

Think of the best lesson you ever learned. Did you gain it by hearing, or by doing? Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ.

A disciple-maker doesn’t just “teach” something – he or she walks alongside the new disciple and trains them by example and experience. Let me give you an example from a disciple-maker in Ethiopia.

Gabra was taking the Good News of Jesus to different villages. And he met Rada and shared the Word of God with him. Rada immediately accepted Jesus as His Savior. So Gabra began teaching him the basics of what it means to follow Jesus, and took him along on his travels. “You are a witness,” Gabra told Rada, “so you have to exercise the faith you have experienced.”

One day, they met 3 Muslim men along the road, and started to talk with them about Jesus. But these men were grieving because their brother had died and they weren’t at all interested. They told Gabra,

“If you preach that Jesus raised people from the dead, then come and raise our brother from the dead!”

Well, Rada was terrified and wanted to run! But Gabra rebuked his fear, and encouraged him – “Our part is to pray for God to work. The rest is Jesus’ responsibility.” So they followed the brothers to where the dead man had been laid out, and prayed. And in the name of Jesus, the man was raised back to life!  His brothers came to see what happened, and his wife and children were there. The wife of the newly-resurrected man was the first to put her faith in Christ that day. She told her husband, “You may die another time, another day, but I will follow Jesus, from now to the end of my life.” Others in the family heard her testimony, saw the resurrected man, and chose to follow Jesus too. Within a short time, 67 people came to Christ. A new church started in this village where there were previously no Christians, only Muslims and animists.

What an incredible act of God! And what a wise disciple-maker to teach and to show a new disciple the power and blessing that’s available as we follow Jesus Christ.

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