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Despite Circumstances

Follow Jesus Despite Circumstances

God can and does work in, through, and often despite the circumstances of our lives. Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ.

In so much of our world, life is just hard. Poverty and corruption, hardship and prejudice bind people offering little hope of change or development. Communities and even nations operate in a perpetual state of crisis because of the ethnic conflict, unrest, terrorism and even all-out war.

One of those hard places is Democratic Republic of Congo – or DRC – one of Africa’s largest nations. DR Congo has struggled economically and politically for years, enduring the back and forth of internal conflict with devastating results. In the last 2 decades more than 5 million people have died from war, the resulting disease and starvation.

As Global Disciples, we partner with churches in DR Congo, helping them to maximize their greatest resource – their people. The most recent round of civil unrest has impacted our efforts. In the last few months our small business training, and leadership training activities have been impacted.

And it’s easy to question why life is so hard. But, the good news is that no matter what we see, God is still at work and on mission. We were excited to read several recent reports from discipleship-mission training programs in DRCongo.

Brother Jean, who directs a training program, sent out 15 new disciple-makers. During their outreach, they led 80 people to faith in Christ and planted 2 new churches. It was not without its difficulties—one of the church planters fell sick with typhoid. But the disciple-makers prayed for him, “and the fever left him,” Jean said.

They also met a young lawyer named Pierre. He was locally known as a drunkard for at least 5 years. As he heard the Good News of Jesus, Pierre received the Lord Jesus as His Lord and Savior. And his life has been transformed. Brother Jean wrote, “Now he is active in the church and he is getting married in December.”

A miracle of healing, a life transformed by Christ, and two new churches! This is the work of God. He is never limited by the circumstances of our lives, our nations, or our world. And that is good news for all of us.

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