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Crown Him… King of my Work Day

Working for the Kingdom

There’s a great worship song called Crown Him, by the band, I AM THEY.

I grew up singing an old hymn, Crown Him with Many Crowns. It was a powerful anthem reminding us that every creature in heaven sings God’s glory. The “heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own.”

Oh, how I want that to be true!

Especially in my work day. So many voices go against the flow of the Spirit and spiritual truth. Even my own voice in my head can become negative; it needs to be reminded that Jesus is Lord of all. That’s probably why the author of the old hymn wrote himself an exhortation in the first verse, saying “Awake, my soul, and sing of Him who died for thee, and hail Him as your matchless King through all eternity.”

What I need to hear on a typical day is, “And hail Him as your matchless king through the traffic on the way to work.” Or hail Him as King of the copy machine that jammed up…again. Or Hail Him as King of the customer who believes they’re always right. Or King of the computer glitch. Or… well, you get the point and I’ll stop before this becomes more annoying than the very draining coworker you deal with every day.

The song by I AM THEY starts with the reminder,

“It’s not my life to live.”

I think of Galatians 2:20, “I am crucified with Christ and I don’t live anymore but Christ lives in me…”

Apply that to every day on the job. “It’s not I who works this job any longer. But Christ who does this daily job through me. And the work that I do this day, I do in the strength of Christ who loves me and gave Himself for me.”

Everything I do, everything I touch, I want it to be as if Christ did it or touched it. Everyone I speak to, as if Christ spoke to them. He lives in me.

I don’t want my job to be limited by my thoughts. I want His creativity and His attitude to make my tasks more excellent. If those tasks seem beneath me, I take on the form of a servant (Philippians 2) and fulfill even mundane tasks sacrificially, as an act of worship (Colossians 3:17). If my tasks seem beyond me, I want His thoughts that are higher than my thoughts to prevail.

It’s not my life to live. It’s not “just a job” to do.

All I have is His. For all eternity. I crown Him.

Go ahead, crown Him King of Glory, Lord of All.

As we do that, let’s make sure we are also crowning Him Lord of our work day, every day.

Please comment on your “work as mission” experience or thoughts.

Watch Crown Him by I AM THEY

This principle is covered in Global Disciples Small Business Training for church planters. This training’s mission is to equip clusters of churches to multiply locally sustainable church planters and disciple-makers who start missional businesses among least-reached people groups. Church planters are urged to live integrated lives that express Jesus’ love for all people through a small business as they grow a fellowship of believers. Choosing to work or run a business gives them access to more people, an identity in the marketplace, a way to demonstrate Christ-like integrity, and to set an example in generosity. It also enables them to enlarge their ministry through relationships and financial sustainability.

By Jerry Meadows, Church Relations. Article originally posted here.

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