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Called To A New Purpose

A recent report from a discipleship-mission training in India reminded me that God is writing a story for each person.

Usually, in Global Disciples, we hear the stories of His activity during outreach or in a business setting. But sometimes, we also hear how God brought someone to be trained as a disciple-maker.

Like Chirag. He participated in a discipleship-mission training program near New Delhi, India. He was born and brought up in a Hindu family, and was zealous to follow his father in religious practice. He got a good education and landed a good job in a big company, and started making lots of money. But it didn’t solve the many challenges he faced.

His family was involved in a major court case that dragged on and on, causing all kinds of difficulties. Chirag did all he could, but money couldn’t solve the problems.

Chirag also got married. But he and his wife separated after only a few months—they couldn’t find a way to handle the struggles they faced.

Chirag decided all this hard work trying to overcome his problems wasn’t worth it. He chose to do nothing except what would make him happy right then, even if it meant getting into trouble.

But God had other plans. Chirag often passed a local church, and usually at the time of day when the pastor was leaving. Someone encouraged him to talk to the pastor and share his troubles.

And one day, the Lord prompted Chirag to show up for a church service. He was welcomed in and the people of God prayed for him. Slowly he began to attend, and after a time, he put his faith in Jesus Christ and began growing spiritually. And his family started to experience joy and peace too.

Then Chirag had the opportunity to participate in a discipleship training, and he found a new purpose in life.

Now he sees what God has called him to is to share Jesus in the workplace, and with those who are still unreached with the Good News of Jesus.

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