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At the Name of Jesus

Nepal woman

In 2017 Global Disciples is hosting 18 Annual Equipping Events (AEE’s) throughout Asia, Africa & Latin America. At these events, program directors gather regionally for mutual encouragement, worship, prayer and fasting, mentoring relationships and training for more effective leadership. The events help fan the flame and renew vision so that local churches remain motivated and equipped to keep reaching out to who have never heard the gospel.

Story from Nepal

Paul, our VP for Global Leadership was teaching some of the sessions at the AEE in Nepal in February and heard the following story from a young program director:

Rosaline*, a 30-year-old program director with Global, told of her experience after the training they did one year ago.  After every Global Discipleship-Mission Training (GDT) there is an outreach equal to double the time they spent in training.  So she divided her group into four different teams and headed into the mountains to reach four different villages.  She led one team to a high village that had never been visited.  Upon entering the village they were greeted by the village elders who asked them if they would pray for a particular family.  Apparently word had reached this village of the Global Disciples teams and the impact they had in neighbouring communities.

Rosaline took three of their team and proceeded to a certain hut. When they entered the small hut the other three could not stay – they exited but remained outside praying.  Rosaline discovered a middle aged woman disabled – unable to walk.  She had two of her own children 10-12 years, and a late-teen son of her husband’s first marriage.  The husband had abandoned them.  Why?  Because all of the children were possessed with demons resulting in severe twisting of limbs.  The woman and the three children lived in their urine and excrement.  Rosaline prayed to the Lord for grace to endure the smell so she could pray.  She prayed with tears for about one hour.  Nothing changed.  She promised the woman she would return.

Later that evening, when the four teams reunited to camp in the mountains, she shared her experience.  Immediately all the teams decided to fast and pray through the night and the next day.  Late afternoon she took the other three team leaders with her.  All four of them entered the hut and began to pray … for three hours.  They walked out of the hut with the woman and her three children fully healed.  They washed them and said they would send someone to come and live in the village and teach them about Jesus.  It took about three weeks before one of the men from the GDT training agreed to return to this village.  When he returned to the village he discovered a small ‘church’ of twenty believers.  The village had been so shocked at this healing that they were asking the woman and her children to tell their story again and again.  All she knew is the Jesus healed her.  Twenty of the villagers said they would also follow Jesus.  None of them knew any more than Jesus’ name.

In April 2017 Rosaline will lead another GDT training.  The eldest son of the healed woman, who is now 18 years of age, is coming for training!  He will return to the village as their pastor, and will begin to take teams of his own people to other villages they know of which have never been reached with the gospel.

* name changed for security purposes

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