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Age Limit, None

great commission - No age limit

Did you know there is no age limit to carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ?

You don’t get to leave the mission to the younger generation just because you reach a certain age! The pages of world missions include the accounts of many men and women who actively served all their lives—even into their very old age.

As Global Disciples, our approach to training is appropriate for just about any age group.

Those who participate in our partner training programs are often younger people…but not always. In fact, in some places and cultures, a person with more life experience is better heard and has a level of influence the younger adults don’t have.

Age is certainly not a factor in God’s eyes as a report from a training program in North India reminds us. The program director talked about Gowri, a woman in her mid-50s who participated in the discipleship training. While that doesn’t sound very old, you do stand out when you’re training a bunch of 20-somethings! And there was some concern about her going on outreach, whether it would be too hard for her.

But when Gowri went into her time of outreach, God used her powerfully!

She was bold in her witness, going up and down the street, door to door, starting conversations and sharing the Gospel with many people.

In her region, most people are Hindus or Sikhs, and often resistant to Christianity. But the Holy Spirit moved in Gowri’s testimony and she introduced quite a number of people to Jesus.

The program director reflected, “These participants saw a great move of the Holy Spirit. They were motivated and received the vision to reach others. And we have seen a great change in the community wherever the Gospel was given. About 20 people came to Christ, and 5 have already been baptized. And new house fellowships have started.”

Young or middle or older—your age doesn’t matter.

What matters is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. And that happens through disciple-makers empowered by the Holy Spirit of God, in North India or anywhere in the world…including right here in your home and community.

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