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A Way to Make It Work

Disciple-making business

“If you want to do ministry, you cannot do other work! If you want to preach or evangelize, you must only do that! Not business too.”

Over and over, Saji heard this message from his pastor who, like many church leaders in India, believed that business and ministry don’t mix. You can’t do both the “sacred” and the “secular”.

But Saji struggled with this. He was in his late 20s and had trained as an engineer. God had given him a heart to share the Gospel with least-reached people. His family didn’t have money; his father was only a day laborer and they lived in poverty. His education had given him better job opportunities but the call to ministry left him feeling conflicted.

“One of my pastors said if I wanted to do ministry, I must leave everything else,” Saji said. So he resigned to minister through his church, but he had no means of support. He told his family nothing about his struggles because he was afraid his choice would offend them. “I didn’t have a single rupee for my personal use,” he said. “I relied on my friends to feed me and shelter me.”

One day, he was invited to a home group. There he met a young man who invited Saji to a small business training started with the help of Global Disciples.

“The very next month, I attended the small business training,” Saji reported. “It made me strong and gave me courage to move forward. I learned many things about work and ministry, about Paul’s ministry and Peter’s ministry. I decided I could do any work at the same time as God’s work!”

Saji quickly caught on that you can do both ministry and business! Life, ministry, and work or business can be integrated for the glory of God and to reach others with the Good News.

Saji started a cell phone servicing business and used it to begin sharing the Gospel in a community where most people had little understanding of Jesus Christ. Within a year, God gave him success in both ministry and business.

“We now have 25 people worshipping every Sunday, and an outreach to children. We have started three cell groups in this village. And we recently built a small worship center.”

Saji was able to marry since he now had a means of support. His relationship with his family was restored; they are happy to see how God led and provided for him. Saji said, “I am very happy with my work and ministry. I thank God for sending Global Disciples because they trained me and encouraged me.”

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