2018 Global Partners Summit - Global Disciples Canada

2018 Global Partners Summit

It was one of the best Summits yet. An annual event that is held in different locations each year, the 2018 Partners Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand was organized to give major financial partners an opportunity to see Global Disciples programs first-hand. The unity of the Holy Spirit was evident with the new and rekindled friendships, fun, stories and vision-casting that occurred during these 4 days.

Our Canadian contingent of board members, staff and partners chose to also attend the pre-Summit tour in Myanmar (formerly Burma), along with most of the US foundation members. Myanmar is a nation with an 88% Buddhist population, comprised of 135 ethnic groups, many whom have never heard of Jesus.

We were able to visit the largest buddhist Pagoda in the world, while in Yangon, enjoy some amazing food, hear stories from discipleship-mission program directors and visit a recently-planted house church. While visiting the house church we heard a testimony of healing and saw first-hand how difficult it would be, as Westerners, to reach unreached people in a community like this one.

Hearing these stories of sacrificing comfort for the sake of the Gospel, continues to challenge us as North American believers, to move beyond our (dare we say) “idolization” of comfort. A couple from MB Mission, who have taken Global Disciples training, shared with us how they have been walking alongside national church-planters and going out to unreached villages where it is dirty and they sleep with rats, yet seeing an incredible openness to the Gospel and people coming to Christ.

After 4 days in Myanmar we flew to Chiang Mai and met with 85 business leaders, staff and partners from Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Indonesia, US and Canada.

We heard inspiring vision-casting, spurring us on to helping reach the unreached in the Name of Jesus. There are more people alive today, than in the last few thousand years combined! God wants to bring in a harvest of souls and we need an appropriate strategy to do so.

One of our Canadian partners shared,

My wife and I enjoyed our experience at the Global Partners Summit. It was planned for maximum benefit comprising of worship, visiting churches and tourist sites, socializing with global partners, worship and teaching. This experience gives my wife and I a lot to reflect on in the life of the church in the 3rd world.”

Through stories and teaching we were challenged us to be generous for the sake of the Gospel, and heard how leading with the kindness of Jesus wins over friends, authorities and brings people to repentance.

In summary, the event was also a lot of fun, enjoying expressing our cultural differences through singing and dancing (Ethiopians always get it started!), the commissioning of business leaders and then celebrating communion together with an ethnically diverse body of Christ that felt a little bit like heaven.

Hope you can join us next year!

Jason Pohl
National Director, Canada




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